love – hearts by jaelop

This is a layout I did with the whole family.  This is me, my husband, and my three kids.  This layout is done on a kit called Love – Hearts by Jaelop Designs.  She is a wonderful designer who can be found by clicking here.




Now on to updates the dr last friday upped my Cymbalta and so today I went to go get it and the insurance company has refused to pay for it so now what do we do.  I just want to scream.  So I called the dr office and they are going to try and get it approved but they weren’t sure if they could this is so aggravating.  Since take the 120 mg over the weekend I have felt a little better at least during the day. 

Joey’s blood pressure is a little better he went for his DOT physical yesterday and it was down to 138/78  but then today it is back up all over the way family can be. 

Well that’s it for now will post more soon supper is cooking and I don’t want to burn it lol


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  1. Judy Said:

    Hi Jen, thanks for leaving the message for me on my blog..I sure do miss you too. I am so sorry I have not contacted you more..As you say…Life is busy..I just wanted you to know how much I love ya…Judy

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