hello all

Well we went to the doctor not just me but Joey to….  His blood pressure is high and the had to start him on blood pressure medicine.  He got a lecture on how we need to start eating better. 

On to me they upped my meds and are doing more blood work again.  Told me heat will help the pain when it gets bad lol….  How do I put heat on my whole body???  LOL

on to the kids school this week was great they are progressing so quick.  This week we did a few different writing activities.  One of the activities was they were to pick two people who they admire and are special to them and tell why. I was so surprised with each of there choices.  Blake picked my mom and my 85 year old aunt.  Niki picked Blake and Savannah and Savannah picked her mommy and daddy.  It was so sweet to here what each of them thought and there reasoning for who they picked.    Then the other activity was they were to create a candy bar write the ingriendents designs the wrapper and write a slogan and here is Nikis it was so cute.

“One bite of this candy bar is a one way ticket down a chocolate river with fudge and caramel water falls and peanut butter fish”

I thought it was so cute…..

Well here is the first two worksheets to the spelling book I was asked to do these are in .pdf format if you need them in another just let me know nad i will do it for you.




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