Update to all

Hello Many have asked me where I am at and what is going on so I am going to give a small update on my life and what is going on then will try to update more often.

Since being to the dr in January and starting all the new meds there hasn’t been much change.   My doctor says that it is being caused from the fibromyalgia and my next appointment is Friday.  He said we would discuss seeing the specialist that they might know more to help me out.  I do have my good days where I can get a lot done but still have those days where getting out of bed still seems to take a lot out of me.  With three kids it gets hard to deal with.

Update on the family

The kids are doing great we are doing well with the home schooling.  I know now this is right for us and the kids are loving this year.  We are going to be adding them a page here on my blog to show off there accomplishments.  Niki and Vannah are both reading very well.  Blake is doing awesome in school this year and is progressing wonderfully.  I am having fun making the workbooks for them and will be adding some of the pages here in a pdf format.  the first ones that will come is spelling added later today or tomorrow. 


I am not designing much anymore and have left all of my stores.  I don’t have time to keep up so anymore.  So all my designs will be added as freebies to my blog little by little.  I will also be showing off the layouts I make here.



  1. Judy Said:

    Hi Jenny, have not heard from you in so long. I am sorry you are not feelilng well. Give me a call sometime. Love to you, Judy

  2. Jaya Said:

    Hey Jen, how are you??? I am very sorry to hear that you are not feeling well. Keep me posted on what the doctor say okay. Hugs Jaya

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